Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gesture Action Sketches

After reading Rad Sechrist's post on building up a vocabulary of action poses, I decided to take his advice and capture some quick gesture sketches from video reference.

A few examples below.

Story artists Alex Woo & Louis Gonzales are currently working on a gesture book based around their Schoolism classes. Alex has posted a few pages from the first chapter on his blog here.

Over at the excellent blog Invisible Ink , Brian McDonald referenced a conversation he had with Glen Keane.

"Glen told me that his mentor, Ollie Johnston, would say to him that every line in a drawing only exists in relationship to every other line in the drawing."

After reading Rad, and Alex's blog posts this makes sense to me now. Using it consistently in my work is another task to conquer.

"Use line and shape to tell a story" Walt Stanchfield, Drawn to Life


  1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Rad. As ever critiques are always welcome.